Safe & Secure

Vertbase wants to provide transactions in the safest manner possible. Implementing and developing cutting edge security processes to protect your data.

Account Safety

Two-factor authentication confirms access to authorized users only.

SSL Encryption

Our website and apps are properly secured with 128-bit encryption.

Rate Limit

We rate limit a variety of actions on the site (sign in, etc...).

Vertbase, Company Standards

Compliance Standards

Vertbase is registered with FinCEN and operates with full compliance and procedures under all federal and state laws.

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Browser Secured

The Vertbase website and apps are secured with SSL (secure sockets layer) 128-bit encryption. Encrypted endpoints are always used with our partner platforms, and sensitive bank credentials and data are never stored on Vertbase servers.

Vertbase, Browser Secured
Vertbase, Verify Accounts

Verify Accounts

Mandatory two-factor authentication when creating and signing into your Vertbase account helps confirm your identity. Additional security provided by industry-standard partners and trusted financial institutions.

Only after Vertbase confirms your identity will we transfer funds between accounts.

Fine Print

Vertbase takes your security very seriously. We will not sell your personal information, and promise to maintain and enforce a high-level of security.